Bailey Educational Adventures
Summer Camps
Bailey Educational Adventures summer program will alternative themed weeks of science and art camps with our final week as a Summer celebration of fun in the sun. While our homeschool workshops throughout the traditional school year, are primarily focused on having fun while learning; our summer camps are a bit more relaxed; focused on learning while having fun! Each week hosts two sessions; a Junior session for ages 5-9 years of age, and a Senior session for ages 10-14 years of age. While the week has a similar theme for the week, the content is adjusted to be challenging and exciting while staying age appropriate.

Our science camps will have a different adventure each week but each week will have live demonstrations, lessons utilizing holographic models, microscopes, individual projects, and group projects. Every session always includes something to bring home for the family to discuss.

Epic Artists will travel back in time to a different decade each week with every week including activities such as perler bead creations, friendship bracelets, polymer clay projects, finger looms, and collage creations. Each week will have a unique medium to work in addition to the mediums taught in the other weeks.

Week 1: Crime Scene Investigators

Campers will learn to take and interpret fingerprints , make plaster imprints of their shoe prints, work with invisible ink, see hair follicles under a microscope and more!

Week 2: The Groovy 70’s

Campers activities include tie dye, and creating custom buttons. Campers will play games to see who knows their pop culture from the 70’s, 70’s themed name that tune, twister and more!

Week 3: Space Explorers

Campers will learn about the solar system, the constellations, and colonize Mars. They will launch a rocket, recreate their favorite constellations, complete a moon rock excavation and build a solar system.

Week 4: Awesome 80’s

Campers will make their own candy, and learn to make soap while experiencing Sweating to the Oldies and learning about the food and fun in the 80’s.

Week 5: Digging Up Dirt

During this week campers will learn about plate tectonics and it’s effects, dig for geodes, build a volcano make it erupt, and grow rock crystals.

Week 6: 90’s

Campers will make their own slap bracelets, and decorate their own baseball hats to wear backwards. All while experiencing life as a kid in the 90s with music, television clips, and popular recipes of the 90s.

Week 7: Anatomy and Physiology

Campers will race to see who can correctly assemble the skeleton of the body, learn to use a microscope to discover how different types of human cells look under the microscope, put their taste buds to the test, and discover how each organ system in the body works together to make every day life possible.

Week 8: 2000’s

Campers will test their hand at pottery wheels this week while listening to some music, learning a new recipe and watching a few clips of iconic pop culture of that decade some of us have yet to realize has already come to an end.

Week 9: Freaky Physics!

Campers will learn about pulleys, levers, and gears. They will learn to shoot a nerf gun at a target blocked by a gyroscope. The will build a hydraulic lift with their team.

Week 10: Fun In The Sun

Water gun wars, three legged races and potato sack races, corn hole competitions, inflatable jousting, bubble suits, yard checkers, water balloon wars, side walk chalk murals, piñata making, face painting and more classic summer fun!
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